a mommy going crazy

I am a mom who is learning to adapt everyday to the challenges of raising two daughters.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My last night as a child.

This week end was rather productive.
~ held two babies (rocked one of them to sleep, I still have "it")
~ pulled weeds in my front yard
~ wrapped 4 presents
~ attended 2 birthday parties
~ borrowed 13 books from the library
~ washed, folded and put away 4 loads of laundry, and yet I am still not caught up. Ugh.
~ bought 2 new blouses for my new job
~ fell asleep on the couch while watching my husband play Rock Band
~ dyed my hair, it looks fabulous
~ looked at houses on mls
~ played with my children
~ read a couple of chapters from, Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down I am on the second book and am loving the series. The series is about a group of random Christian women who met at a interdenominational women's retreat, they are placed into a prayer group, which was out of their comfort zone, however, they had a spiritual connection which led them to keep the group going. What is so facinating about this series is how they interact and learn from each other, given there very diversified backgrounds. Not only do they have different denominations, but different social classes, ages and race. There diversification brings them closer to God by learning through each other's experiences they may not have encountered other wise. As the group gets closer, they too find themselves connecting with God on a more personal level. I highly recommend the books.
~went to church
~ put ice on my child's eye at church
~ went out for lunch after church
~ picked up the tomato plants and egg plants from my friends house. I will be planting them tomorrow. The tomato plants are already 2 feet tall. I can't wait to see what they will do in my garden.
~ enjoyed a nice bowl of ice cream.

After all that, I am ready to grow up and start a near full time job tomorrow. The good thing is it is only this week that I am in the office, after that I will be only out working 25 hours a week in field. I am looking forward to the flexibility and increase in pay.

Yeah, to growing up. Boo, for having to wake up every day before 9:00am. Yeah, for having a job which will teach me and my daughter to be ready by 8:30 every morning. Boo, for going to bed early. And yeah, to God for giving me the experience needed to take this job, and giving me this job.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Look who's all grow'd up.

My baby brother is 20 today! It seems like only yesterday my brother and I were sitting in my parent's basement and Corey was screaming, "Mom! Brandy's hitting me!" While I sat 5 feet away from him. It's a good thing he has matured since then. I think now I will keep him as a brother. 13 years ago, not so much.

Oh, Little Monkey!

Friday, while Pooky Bear was in school, Chad and I were sitting on the couch wondering what to do. Little Monkey comes along and we decide it would be a good idea to tickle her. There is nothing cuter than hearing my children laugh.

We began to tickle her and she starts laughing very hard. In between her breaths, she says, "Hey what's the big idea Momma!" Chad and I had a very good laugh.

I thought I would share.

Friday, May 29, 2009

my new alarm clock

For the last 3 days, our cat Frodo has been waking me up in the morning. She normally sleeps by my feet however, when she feels it is time for me to get up she will creep up to my head and begin to lick my hands. Since I am completely grossed out with saliva, I cringe when she does this. I quickly cover my arms with my blanket, thinking I will be able to sleep longer. Nope, she then proceeds to licking my nose. GROSS!

This morning Chad came into the bedroom after work and laughed at me because he could not see me at all. I put the pillow on my head and covered the rest of my body with the blanket. It worked, I just won't be able to do this in the summer.

I should probably let you know I did try kicking her out of our room, but our door does not close properly. All she has to do it push on the door a little and she can get in. Earlier in the week I tried putting something to block the door from opening. All she did was whine as loud as she could at the door. Not wanting her to wake up the kids, I let her in.

She really is Chad's cat!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the last week, or so, I set a goal each day to clean something before I go to bed. It has been working great. I thought I could inspire pooky bear and little monkey to join me. I started talking to them about my goal and how they should do the same thing. I suggested picking up toys and making their bed. These are things I want them to do everyday, but constantly have to either nag them or do it myself. Pooky bear agreed to try to make sure she will make her bed and clean. Little Monkey, is of course going to need help. We will see what happens

Monday, May 25, 2009


I just received the official job offer today for a job I applied for back in March. After 3 interviews, weeks of phone conversations, they decided I was the best candidate! Huzzah!

This is a true blessing for our family because it now means financial security. Not that we were not finincially OK before, but now we will be more comfortable. Yeah! I can't wait to start looking at houses as soon as my probation is done!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

GiST: Day 28

1. Going to church this morning. It was enlightening and thought provoking. I enjoy services like that.

2. Going for brunch with my grandparents. We have never done that before. It was very nice. I enjoyed it.

3. Not tripping over things cluttering up my hallway. I cleaned my hallway yesterday. including scrubbing walls again.

4. Pooky bear loosing her first tooth. She lost it on Friday. We went bowling after supper to celebrate. When it came time to put the tooth under the pillow Friday night Pooky bear commented, "Mom, does the tooth fairy have to take my tooth?" I advised her she did not have to sell her tooth to the tooth fairy. I asked her what dhe wanted to do with her tooth instead. She thought intensly for a while, then said, "I guess I don't need it, I am going to grow a new one anyway". Have I mentioned how cute that girlie is.

5. Being able to borrow, the yada yada: prayer group from the library. I have heard good things about it and I can't wait to read it. I am almost finished, The colours of His love, and can't wait to start another book after.

On a side note, Little monkey has to go in for a polycystogram tomorrow to find out what is wrong with her bladder. Please pray the test goes well and not be incomplete like last time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy's say the funniest things

Pooky bear has her first loose tooth right now. Tonight, pooky bear wanted me to see if the tooth was going to fall out. I checked and all it would need is a small tug. Pooky bear would not let me. I was concerned she would swallow the tooth in the middle of the night, I begged her to allow me to pull the tooth. She would not let me.

I then started talking to her about calling the tooth fairy and letting her know she would have to come and collect Pooky Bear's tooth. Pooky bear became excited and starting asking questions like, "how do I know the number to call the tooth fairy?" and "what does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth." Being that it was late, I wanted her to go to sleep, and wanted the tooth out. My brain came up with this reason to pull the tooth:

"I am worried you will swallow the tooth while you sleep. You know, the tooth fairy will not come if the tooth comes out your bum." Of course my comment only made her laugh hysterically and me feel like an idiot for saying that phrase.

Normally, it is the children who say cute, funny things. However, parents can say cute, funny things too.